HER: Kanagawa

    "Road Tripppppppppppp!", I shouted as I held my phone excitedly to vlog down the whole journey. It is as funny to imagine an impromptu road trip right when you're voyaging but it is to my surprise when Aunt Funabashi actually told us that we would be going on a special road trip!

    Wearing a zipped up hoodie Ashi hoodie, I could only see her Owakudani skirt. She gave a slight yawn before extending out her hand to me after getting off her car. I noticed her Tokaido earring that gleam ask she walked towards me. Her Yokohama Cosmo sneakers lighting up the dark with mystic hues that rotate between teal and pink as she walks.

    "Kanagawa, call me Kana", she said before looking at the skies for abit.

    "Ronnie!, Nice to meet you", I extended my hand to her.

    "Come, let's go let's go!", she said as she gestured us to get loaded up.

    Kana came over in the middle of the morning (or night), at 5am to get us all prepped up. The sun wasn't up yet, the moon's idling, and after packing a backpack that's gonna set me for afew days, we're off finding out way out of this urban labyrinth before we got hit by the morning traffic.

    "To the mountains beyond!", Kana said as she took off her hoodie after turning the radio on.

    "Woah, it's gonna be a ride!", I said with my face glued to the window.

    "We're in a metropolis by the way, so the scenery might look pretty much the same...heh", She said with a light chuckle.

    "Let's stop for some food, okay? I haven't gotten breakfast!", Kana said as she is making a turn to the left. We'd gotten out of the bustling city area, and now we're at the quiet suburban area with much lesser cars around.

    We stopped by Mcdonalds for breakfast before continuing to head onward, and indeed the roads paved by the mountain isn't easy. Some people called it a test, others called it a great feat. We weaved across the embrace of the alps, as we rode across their arms and shoulders before heading towards the top. It was an eye-opening experience for me.

    "Wow... so, this is the peak", I said with my eyes covering the top of my eyelid, blocking off the straining sunlight.

    "One of the many", Kana said while she stretched her arms outward, possibly fatigued from the drive.

    "I really love the mountains, they're amazing", I took a breathe in and said
    "Ohhh what's that?", I saw something hiding behind the shadows of the clouds.

    "Fuji. Mount Fuji. Immortal Fuji.", She looked and took a deep breathe
    "There's a sacred legend within the mountains... the tallest and the most famous mountain here-"

    "Okay, no spoilers! I'm going to go there someday!", I cut Kana before anything.

    "Really?", she laughed at my impulse in friendly disbelief. "Wow, go for it! I'll be proud of you".

    "I will! then I will mail you some postcards!", I looked towards the mysterious mountain, eager to uncover his secrets.

    "Please do! がんばって! (do your best), I'll be cheering for you over here", she said and laugh.

    We headed over to Kanagawa's family resort where we spent afew amazing days at the onsen, experiencing the traditional Japanese culture, and having these amazing meals that aren't just available anywhere!
    In each and every meal there's a huge variety of dishes. And I love the onsen, I have been to public onsens, but a more premium one meant that we get a lot of peace while we go for your regular dips. I even got to visit an art museum nearby right before we head back in the evening!

    "Thank you much for having us Kana!", I extended my hand over to her and said.

    "It's okay! we are happy to have guests over, I hope we play a good host!", she shook my hand and said.

    "The best!", I smiled.

    "So- nervous for Tokyo?"

    "You too?! W-well... to see her again...", I guess after Chiba I wasn't that surprised after all.

    "Shy? Nervous? Embarrassed?", she leaned closer, as if I have a secret to share.

    "A mixed of everything..." I sighed.

    "This is how life and feeling is like, a mix of everything. Like our Japanese traditional meals that you been having", she's referring to the meals at the Ryokans.

    "Yes, and I don't know how to feel? It's pretty complicated", I smiled weakly.

    "No rush... Just be yourself! and be happy! and don't bully her, if not we will hunt you down", Kana actually flashed me her teeth to show that she really mean it.

    "Oh no, I won't dare in a million years. I think It'll be the other way round", I said with my arms up in the air, gesturing my surrender.

    "That's more like it", she pats my head and laughed

    "And... Thank you again, Kana"

    "Don't mention it", she said and got back into her car without looking back.

    Kana's engine roared to life, and I saw her waving out of her window and I waved back. I watched Kana zipped off, becoming smaller and smaller, down the road... before turning into a corner.

    I'll see you again, Kana.

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