HER: coming of age

    First and foremost, a very big thank you for those who'd been a fan and have been following my humble writing project of "HER".

    HER, is a creative writing project of my attempt to personify the cities I'd been, giving them a "face", a personality and how I connected with on a much deeper emotional level during my travels. Through the artistic personification, I hope to inspire more to dig deeper whenever they travel, about the places they have been to, to feel the place beyond the shallowness and vanity of sceneries and places that seek validation from social media. To mentally process the place as a person, a friend, a lover; of adoration.

    Over the years of traveling, I had accumulated a bunch of "hers", lying around in my virtual bookshelf, which is in a bizarrely organized mess as my list of to-do never seems to grow shorter against time. So with this coming of age write up, I decided that it is time to focus on creating a proper description that does my conceptual art justice.

    Indeed, this is one of my favorite project that I'll always work on and I'm so happy to be able to post it and share with everyone else in the world. I'll be posting the rest of "her", and through the different projections of her, you'll be able to see how "her" has transformed into a much more interactive art piece compared to before.

    Back then, "her" was mostly description, albeit as a person, I used mostly her appearance and some of her personality to describe the city. But over time, the artist in me decided to romanticize "her" alittle. It just came to me as I was writing one day, and the switch happened. The writings now consist also of some memorable places I have been to, the personalities of the amazing people I'd met all mashed up like a sparkling easter egg in the deepest part of my heart. Dialogues brought a new dimension to my write up. And with this, I'm glad to show you the different sides and dimensions of "her" that I had explored. Perhaps you could also tell me which type of "HER" would you prefer, and why?! I'd really love to know.

    I hope that this virtual conceptual art installation would stir your heartstrings of the city of your dreams, to inspire you to travel more, to meet more people, to give your own travel stories more dimensions to tell, more than just the physical attraction that is to a place. There is so much more within. And I hope, you can reach into your heart as you see how beautiful the world is, from the inside.

    Click here to explore my Artistic Collective of "HER"

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