Getting a 100NT Haircut @ Taiwan

Since I’ll be in Taiwan for 2 months, it is inevitable that I have to get a haircut there. I usually go for cheap snips like snip avenue back in Singapore. Even though the result varies, I can’t really complain when it’s only $3.80.

Hi Five Haircut Taichung

I came across a stretch of 100NT Wash and Cut and I decided to try it out anyway. However, I had my wax on and it might not be easy to find someone who would be willing to cut my hair. I found Hi-Five salon and decided to give it a go when the very nice and kind lady is okay with the wax on my hair. 

HiFive Haircut Taichung

I had to purchase the ticket through the machine before given a receipt that comes with a queue number. I was instantly greeted with the friendly hairdresser and I asked her for a bit of advice and recommendations as well before deciding on my style. I asked her to do what she felt best.

We chatted and I find her extremely nice. (It is as if Taiwanese isn’t hospitable enough) It was a lot more heartwarming compared to the ones in Singapore where usually they would give a quick snip and you’re off. This even comes with a hair wash (+10NT). After I’m done, there’s even a mini station with hair gel and a hairdryer for you to dry and do your hair before you go.

Overall it is quite a unique experience to try out a local hair salon. And I feel it's a total steal as they vary from only 100-110NT for cut and wash.

Name: Hi FIVE 快剪專門店
Address: No. 216號, Section 4, Fuxing Road, East District, Taichung City, 401
Opening Hours: 
10:00 AM - 9:30 PM


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