Flint Coffee & Roastery

    “Finally!” I grunted as I stepped out of the cab.

    After a grueling 6-hour bus ride and another 20-minute cab ride, we finally arrived at The Curve, a mall a little off the beaten path.

    Located some distance away from the central and more touristy areas is a local mall called The Curve. With IKEA nearby and a variety of brands, this is a decent stop for a family trip.

    Flint Coffee & Roastery Kuala Lumpur Cafe

    And we aren't here just to explore; we're here to check out the Conjuring Tour! But before we terrify ourselves, we decided to enter Flint. I love how the exterior has a curved design, as if mirroring the name of the mall itself.

    Flint Coffee & Roastery Kuala Lumpur Cafe

    The space feels like a blend of off-white industrial minimalism, with seats generously spaced apart so we can have a real conversation over coffee. There's also a stage in the corner for live band performances, something we're eager to check out.

    Flint Coffee & Roastery Kuala Lumpur Cafe Menu

    The menu offers a variety of dishes, spanning both eastern and western cuisine. From brisket sliders to Nasi Lemak, you'll experience a blend of cultures from the past and present at Flint. The drink options are equally diverse, ranging from classic Milo to contemporary fruit juices. I debated between the fruit juice mix and coffee.

    Flint Coffee & Roastery Kuala Lumpur Cafe Aussie Iced Latte

    My brother went with the fancy Aussie Iced Latte, while I opted for an Americano.

    Flint Coffee & Roastery Kuala Lumpur Cafe Juicy Smoked Brisket Slider

    The Juicy Smoked Brisket Slider (Burger) is exceptionally good, and I appreciate the tenderness of the beef brisket. The meat isn't overly heavy, and it's not too dry. The sauce and juiciness of the patty are excellent; probably one of my favorite burgers in Kuala Lumpur, apart from Kaffe 16.

    Flint Coffee & Roastery Kuala Lumpur Cafe Nasi Lemak

    The Nasi Lemak is also a strong contender. The bergedil and ikan bilis are delightfully crispy, and the dish tastes remarkably fresh. However, the waffle didn't quite live up to our expectations. It resembled McDonald's Hot Cakes, with a softer texture. The hash brown and egg were decent but didn't leave a lasting impression after the amazing mains we ordered.

    After a fulfilling lunch, Robs and I decided to muster our courage and make our way towards the Conjuring Universe Tour.

    Name: Flint Café & Roastery
    Address: Lot G41A - G43, The Curve, 6, Jln PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
    Opening Hours: 8 am–10 pm

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