Coexist Coffee Co

    "Which cafe do you want to go, I have afew choices down"

    "Let's go to somewhere you'd never been"

    "There's this very ulu one, at the 8th floor of the Hillview Building."

    "Why are you even asking?"

    I always love oddity of spaces, from repurposed old buildings to those oddly placed locations, COEXIST literally question the topic of coexisting of spaces for this one.

    The Hillview Building Singapore

    The Hillview building lay undisturbed in the lazy midafternoon as we quicken our pace to get there before the rain. It started drizzling alittle but we could see the building just hiding behind a few stacks of condos.

    Hillview Building Industrial Cargo Lift

    We saw enough signage to guide us across this old building with an old lift that croaked to life upon the touch of the button. The 4 fold left slowly opened up and we went in, with the faint blinking red light to indicate the floor.

    Coexist Coffee Co Level 7 Stairs up Entrance

    "7th, so we have to go up one level later"
    Situated on the top floor, this place is only accessible by lift as the last floor is not serviced by the lift.

    Hillview Building Coexist Coffee Co Interior

    "Woah!" I videoed and ran my fingers across the holes across the walls on the right. A fusion of space, Coexist felt like an art project altogether from the dual-textured walls on both sides together with the white maroon color theme. The inside is not divided equally as the OCD in me was crab walking left and right trying to find the perfect angle. However, the geometrically organized space was very edgy with the retro old school tile flooring.

    Hillview Building Rooftop Cafe Coexist Coffee Co View Industrial Bukit Batok Nature Views

    There's also outdoor sitting outside, where you could expose yourself to the raw climate of Singapore while sitting on the rooftop of a seemingly old building, looking across the other industrial buildings and greeneries. What's out there look almost just dystopianish as you could see rust caving in from all different corners of the roof, junks lay waste on random corners and it all felt like an organized mess from above. The rooftop also reminds me of an old workplace I used to work at years ago.

    Hillview Building Coexist Coffee Co Interior

    The comfort of the inside, comes with a variety of aesthetically pleasing seating, from the sleek leather bounded chairs to the simplistic round gathering table or the hipster island counter that cuts slightly across the space.

    Hillview Building Coexist Coffee Co Double Shot Expresso Black

    I really love the quiet here, together with a bang for the buck double expresso shot of black which only sets me back at $4.50, they also have just about the best soggy truffle fries here, drenched in this guilty pleasure of oil as I find myself pressing the fries against my tongue, giving it a little squeeze before chewing. I found one of my favorite fries places which I'll proudly get it locked down in my head.

    Hillview Building Coexist Coffee Co Truffle Fries Soggy

    Coexist is a really great space for a quiet lazy afternoon catch up or even a space perfect for reading or doing work. The songs are mostly a mixture of mandopop as I could recognize the nostalgia Yue Lao OST blaring. We had tons of great conversations, as we talked about his upcoming wedding and life. Alot of feel came to my mind, old and new as I decided to pick myself up and try to be more consistent and productive.

    Felt like a rooftop café placed across the middle of memory lane, old and new; Coexist would definitely be a place I'll revisit.

    Name: Coexist Coffee Co.
    Address: 48 Hillview Ter, Hillview Building #08-00, Singapore 669269 Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm

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