Busan SEA Life Aquarium

We touched down alittle early and we had got some time to kill just right before we could check-in. Our Airbnb host is nice enough to let us stow our luggage at his apartment before we headed out to spend some time while he’s getting the apartment cleaned up and ready for us.

Busan Sea Life Aquarium

Visiting an aquarium is definitely on our list, and since this one is just right around the corner we decided to check the aquarium off in Busan. And just because, Busan. The admission fee is alittle too much for rather to our surprise. We went to get lunch at the food court below right before going in only to find this place felt like a place of an utmost oddity.

Busan SEA Life Aquarium Sea Tunnel

Not only do we not find any tourist here (much to our delight), the place is also as good as empty aside from the staff. It kinda felt like a trip to North Korea as there is no one there. However shortly after there is a random stream of people coming in, students couples, families. It felt as if it is all planned to make us feel less alone, but I highly doubt so. The staffs are extremely heartwarming and nice even though there is some obvious language barrier amongst us.

Busan SEA Life Aquarium One Flipper Turtle

The one "flipper" turtle caught my eye and left not just a lasting impression, but also a little hole in my heart. Upon searching for information over the internet, the turtle was actually caught in a net, and was rescued and thereafter sought refuge in the aquarium. I spent the longest time looking at it, with my hands on the cold glass panel of the aquarium while he looks at me with curiosity.

There are various shows across the day, however, it is actually a bummer that it is a single entry ticket, meaning that you can't go out before coming back in. But then again, it is best to check out their schedule before planning your visit to minimize waiting. Please also get the tickets online if you wish to come! It is cheaper than getting it at the site itself.


Name: Busan SEA LIFE Aquarium

Address: Haeundae Beach Road KR, 266, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea
Opening Hours: 10am–7pm

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