Biking around Kenting

    Biking was one of the essential things that I did in Kenting. Or rather, the only thing that I really did in Kenting. On top of chasing the sun, stargazing and hanging out with my hostel owner, I took explorations into my own hands when I rented an electric scooter to go around town.

    It is an interesting first experience for me to be independent in such a way by myself. You’ll become really aware of the traffic and the traffic rules around here. It is a lot easier biking around in Taiwan due to the presence of the bike lane on the right, but you’ll still have to ride with caution. I raise my hand and on my signal whenever I’m making any turn at the T-junction, just so they know where I’m going when I’m weaving through traffic. I pay attention when I ride and make sure my bike is stable and not wobbling. I kept a lookout for portholes too. I maintain my speed and make sure I didn’t put myself in any danger.

    I stopped and get off whenever I want to check out something, Instead of constantly darting my eyes to the sides and have my eyes off the road.

    It might sound like a lot to some of you, but boy did I had fun. It was an amazing experience for me, the whole biking thing. I love riding around, having the wind accompany me on my journey, the sun and moon taking turns to look after me. I love how I stock up food and go for picnics or food break whenever I’m hungry. Since I don’t live to eat, I spent a lot of my turn enjoying the breathtaking sceneries. Or I’ll be riding around the whole of Kenting.

    I looped around Kenting twice as I zipped through the familiar street the second time as if I’m home. I got more daring as well over time as I rode faster the second round. I’m also even aware while I’m riding as if I’m on autopilot as I didn’t find the need to take an extra mental note to watch out for traffic. It is amazing how quickly humans could adapt to their environment, be it natural or man-made.

    I go down at some usual spots where I stroll around the beach, stay at the cliff and watch the horizon become one with the ocean. It felt like the ultimate place to escape to, Kenting at is. And I’ll never forget how I fall in love with this place.

    Kenting Taiwan Motorcycle


    I got my bike for 800 a day, though I was told that the bike comes with 2 battery and maybe it’s because I’m renting it at Hengchun. I actually met a girl who got her bike at a whopping 900 for 2 days and it does come with a double battery too.

    I’m assuming the stalls in Hengchun are overcharging, but I guess I’d had no choice and it was my hostel owner’s recommendation as well.

    But aside from that, I really did use it to its fullest as I clocked about 10-11 hours of riding time.

    P.S. I think I might be a tad ripped off compared to the other bikes rental shops.

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