Basheer Graphic Books

    I came by Basheer Graphic Book a long long time ago, perhaps I was still young, I was flipping through some illustration books before trailing off.

    Basheer Graphic Books Store Singapore Bras Basah

    I always thought it was a magazine shop and I didn’t really have much thought to it. It was Art week that bought me back here again. With the eye-catching works from their diaspora collective, I know it was something I couldn’t miss. Who could resist an art installation/exhibition right inside a bookstore?!

    Basheer Graphic Books Store Singapore Bras Basah

    Stepping into the labyrinth was something more transformative as I could see walls of books piling up across my vision. It was a galore, as I see enticing book covers whispering at me at every cover, asking me to give them a read, reeling me in. I opened afew, as I fell into the rabbit hole of the artists before regaining myself back into reality as if time hasn’t passed at all.

    Basheer Graphic Books Store Singapore Bras Basah

    It was one of these moments when you can get lost in books, the labyrinth here felt like it was that of graffiti walls instead of leather-bound books that are stacked closed. Instead, it felt like you were being drawn into the world of colors.

    I spent a good amount of time waltzing across the bookstore while fighting my temptations to add any more books to my backlog shelf. Though my shelves are mostly reserved for poetry, there is always a place for arts, just like how Basheer Graphic Books will always have a place inside me.

    Name: Basheer Graphic Book
    Address: 231 Bain St, #04-19, Singapore 180231
    Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm | Sun:  11am-7pm

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