Accept that you are broken

Accept that you're broken.
Accept that you can't do some things right.
Accept that you will make mistakes

It is not easy to accept your wrong. We are wired to change anything else other than ourselves first.

It's the same with trading if you didn't manage to earn, the market is bad.
It's the same with business, if you can't sell, the product isn't attractive enough.
It is the same with life if life isn't going well, everything is against you.
It's the same with people if your relationship isn't good, that person isn't perfect. And that is. But you don't see you aren't too.

We are imperfect this way and we have to accept it.

To be accepting is illogical. Counterintuitive as we have to turn against ourselves. To accept that things don't go our way, to make conscious changes to ourselves. To have the discipline to enforce certain rules. 

Accept your addictions.
Accept that you fall into temptation sometimes.
Accept that you embrace your flaws deep inside, even though sometimes you find yourself hating it.
Accept your good days, and your bad ones too.
Accept that it might all be nothing.
Accept that everything is what it is.

And you'll eventually be happier.

And when the time comes, you'll definitely accept your happiness with open arms.

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