Real Estate Insights

    Real Estate Insights

    As a content creator, I enjoy writing and curating contents for my audience. So I decided to bring my passion to create over to my Real Estate gig; namely creating a weekly/monthly newsletter for my clients. You may opt to choose to receive it weekly or monthly depending on your preference.

    Here is the gist of the contents that I'll love to share with everyone.

    Real Estate Insights Table of Contents

    I supposed not only this would push me to consume more industry-related content, I'll be able to keep not only myself but my circle of prospects updated as well. Contents would be created in portrait orientation and made bite-size yet simple to consume! By sharing notable news and perspectives I'd like to highlight not only the stability of our Real Estate Industry but also show what are some cause-and-effects to look out for.

    Real Estate News Preview

    I wish this would spark some conversations, as I would love to be more engaging as an agent too! The contents won't be externally distributed, however, I'm intended to only internally shared them with my circle of prospects. Some of the insights and the gist of my thoughts might be shared online, however, I think privately delivering the said contents to my prospect adds a bit more exclusivity for them, and shows how much I value each and every one of them.

    I think this would be one of the ways I aim to be different from most property agents as I try to curate industry related news and insights to my clients, and also featuring their questions to answer.

    Real Estate Insights Midwood Progressive Payment

    I also decided to feature some projects at the end of the newsletter, as I believe it is great to expose them to more projects, allowing them to learn more than just the campaign that they click. You'll also receive information on the payment scheme in the various bedrooms over the different price range to see which you are more comfortable with. 

    Feel free to drop me a text via Whatsapp or click the link below to text me directly if you'll like to receive our weekly/monthly curated insights!

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