Welcome to Realty

Okay, I admit it sounds much cooler in my head.

"Rawrnie isn't professional"
"Better to separate them lah"
"Siao ah, travelling also not related"
"I don't this is professional"

I'm still figuring this space out, whether should I call it Realty or make it part of Hustle. Perhaps I'll just call it Realty and see how much content I can create or keep writing about. After much thinking, I decided this would best be under my main website first before I have any plans for separating or making it more "professional"

I'm sitting here trying to write, abit too early for my time due to insomnia, but the accident, I guess how I view my real estate gig have changed greatly. It's probably human, to think that way about the kind of people I meet. I was hustling really mad prior to my accident. I was working every day, clocking around 12 hours or more a day.

My typical day as an agent consists of waking up at 8/9, before heading over for training, and training would last for afew hours before I'll decide to spend the next hour for lunch while I plan to either stay at the office or head or a show flat training to learn more about the variety of products. Then in the evening, I'll be doing door knocking/telemarketing across the neighbourhood. I'll be writing more on that in one of a write up that feature my day.

Thinks was going pretty well until the traffic accident happened.

*I'll probably put the link up here when i have enough mental capacity to write about it*

"When you die, your boss is probably gonna find a replacement, and your clients too, but your family and love ones are gonna feel your loss". Perhaps sometimes it is not the world who would feel your loss, and that made me pull back abit. I can't help but feel that I was working so hard to be better, and in this line of job, it's VERY common to feel unappreciated. Well doesn't matter as long as it's a decent gig. But somewhat, I wasn't being myself.

I guess it felt abit more purposeful but I wasn't happy. Because I probably haven't found myself yet. I'll like to move forward and be myself this time around. Not that I wasn't but I was working way too hard to let any other side of me/facet sip through.

This segment of my blog would be everything real estate related. I'm no expert as you can see here. I'll probably be able to confidently list you places to go in Taiwan or Museums to hit up across the world than the next district to go into. But I'll definitely be more than happy to go through the housing journey together with you nevertheless, to build a home; that's something that I could make up for.

Like the number of hostels I'd been to, the wonderful people I'd met across the world. I guess it all brings me here, to meet people to inspire to exchange stories, and eventually, we're working towards a better life (isn't it?)

This is more about my journey and things I'd learn and would love to share. About the kind of rejections I face, my emotions, how I stay productive. and maybe snippets of me just checking in on vlog/goofing around. Be it you moving forward to owning a home, finding a dream house, or us growing. I guess I'm not wrong to say welcome to "realty".

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